The Heart of Darkness
Water Engine

A game engine must do a good job on everything, and a great job on something. The focus of this game is water - the look of water and the feel. Well portray the many moods of deep water, by careful simulation of the surface.


An accurate, detailed and subtle surface model for good looks and a great ride


A detailed ocean surface will be modeled on demand by a high speed waveform generator. It will model complex conditions - such as a windy day on the Gulf Stream: five foot seas covered with a rough chop.


Probably a tiled lookup table. We can wallpaper the sea with a dynamic patch of pre-modeled data. Each point on the patch represents a fixed x, y point and its data represents surface heights over time. (The waves pass across the unmoving patch.) The size of the patch is determined by the wavelengths represented.


A series of Vs will be pre-modeled or procedurally generated to represent the wakes of different boats at different speeds. Simply summing wake data into the sea patch should give fine water surfaces.

Hard Stuff

Rocks, docks, beaches and such will emerge from the water. Some of these are simple (pilings in the water) and others require special code and data models (breakers on the beach).


When needed, texture maps will probably suffice to model seaweed and sand and other undersea junk.


The water is very clear in the Caribbean and Biscayne Bay. Some daytime shots will let us fly on a surface of glassy reflections over the sand dunes and beds of kelp.

Reflection mapping of sky and sun will be an important feature.Some scenes will take place at dawn and some at sunset.  Refections of objects on the surafce (boats) will be important and might require special code.



33% Siggraph  -    33% Beach Art  -   33% The Real Carribbean (Big Fun trip necessary)