The Heart of Darkness


In Dade County, the CIA Bureau Chief has gone renegade. He has gained control over drug traffic into Florida. With plenty of cash, he has corrupted the local law enforcement officials. He has control over the cops, the Customs officials, and two Coast Guard installations. He even seems to exert enormous influence over activity at Homestead Airforce Base.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff want to take him out.    But how?

They canít send in the Marines. This guy has his own battalions and nobody wants to see uniformed Americans fight other uniformed Americans on our own territory.

The only solution is a secret operation. You are "recruited" (coerced actually) to lead a commando raid into Florida.

They recruit you from Krome Detention Center. In handcuffs, you are thrown into a cargo plane for deportation. On board are a bunch of desperate Caribbean misfits. These guys (and gals) have different skills, different degrees of courage -- sharing only a criminal past and a hazy future. They speak various forms of English, Spanish and Creole. From them, you select your crew.

You are given a high speed drug boat hidden in the swamps of a deserted Bahamian out island. Posing as smugglers, your crew has to get your boat undetected into the heavily protected base of this CIA druglord, and eliminate his headquarters.

This involves:

A shootout in an abandoned marina. Your secret fuel dock in the swamps is attacked by punk Bahamian thieves. These aren't your enemy's men, just small time pirates who want your premium gasoline. And maybe your boat. Even using laser-sighted weapons, it is hard to shoot the thieves without hitting the drums of gas that they are hiding behind. When you hit the gas it explodes, which is pretty, but decreases your fuel supply and limits the range of your boat in ongoing segments.

Lots of boat chase sequences. A run across hull-shredding coral shoals. Some boats are faster than yours. Some boats draw more water. You race with one eye on the rearview mirror and another on the depth meter. At one point, the Coast Guard chases you with a jet powered catamaran which can outrun you in the straightaways but cannot turn as fast. If you are clever, your last-minute U Turn leaves him spread across 100 yards of jagged rock.

A strafing attack by an Air Force drug plane. You stand on the pounding deck, & aim a shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile. With SAM-Cam you steer the missile through the planes defenses (chaff, evasive maneuvers, anti-missile-missile) to knock out plane and its turncoat pilot.

Wading through chest-high water, pushing the boat up a night river. (The boat's engine is too noisy.) You must avoid the searchlights and machine guns of defensive emplacements by silently wading under mangrove growth. Must confront sinkholes, quicksand, and most of all hungry alligators. Latter must be killed with rubber-powered spear gun or with knife to avoid making noise that will turn the machine guns and searchlights on you.

Lots more chase/combat/stealth in the Carib & So Fla & Everglades.. Any ideas? Maybe some kind of urban naval battle?


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