Schedule of Deliverables

Game Design Document Provides Dimension Data creative staff (and client) with a treatment of the game. It fully describes the user experience and the game rule system. It does not describe implementation.
Technical Specification Demonstrates to the Dimension Data technical staff, (and to Big Fun's programmers) the exact methods by which the game will be realized.
Physics Statement Allows the client's engineering and legal staff to review the SUV performance represented by the game. It specifies the simulation metrics of the game, such as the pitch of the hills, the speeds and radii of turns, ground clearance, acceleration, etc.
nonworking rough Used by Client and Digital Data creatives  to approval graphic design and music.
XML DTD Dimension Data programmers use this formal declaration  to design and test the data communication between the game and the server scripts and database.
Game Software Playable swf files containing  logic, graphics, animation, sound effects, music and user interface
Revisions In direct response to defects reported.


This bid anticipates that Dimension Data supplies the serverside code that manages the player identity: registration, collection of marketing demographic, authentication of login, tracking of point accumulation, awarding of prizes, and email generation. 
The game requirements are simple, and specified in the design documents. However the marketing potential of this component is high, and there is plenty of opportunity for ambitious design.