Relevant Experience

Problem Solution
The ASPCA was funded by Disney
to create a website which attracts children while teaching positive pet care and animal responsibility. 
Big Fun delivered a suite of games:
Fetch is an action game where the player must cooperate with  the dog to achieve success.
The 24 Carrot Quiz rewards the test the visitors attention to the rest of the site content.
(Won awards from Macromedia and Yahoo.)
Vivendi Universal
needs to provide addictive single-player entertainment to an audience of primarily adult females.
Big Fun designed Meba, a unique action-puzzle eating game.
75% complete.
The United States Navy
is seeking a way to visualize and experiment with group behaviors for a new unmanned flying vehicle.
Big Fun has been awarded a contract to build GUAVA, a networked multiplayer aerial strategy game that models the aircraft performance and AI behaviors..
WorldCom wants constant  impressions of its 1800-COLLECT brand in its target college student audience. Big Fun designed an episodic Mr T action game, to be delivered weekly by email, However WorldCom finances caused the project to be halted.
Studiocom (a fine Atlanta  agency) successfully pitched a game to its client, a large beverage bottler.
 It must be a a social game for a music-oriented young adult audience.
Big Fun worked with StudioCom to create's Pop Quiz.
(Design of the game format, guidance of the graphic design, spec of a custom content-management system and a high-powered mulitplayer server technology.)
Simon and Schuster wanted to enter the children's market with a fast funny game.  In 1997, Big Fun produced Pie Jackers, an early 3D vehicular action game
Dimension Data
wants to help its client, an automobile manufacturer to introduce a new SUV model year distinguished by improved handling. 


Here we are.