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I See Sue...the T.rex
Simon & Schuster Interactive

Our Price: $19.99

Availability: This item usually ships within 2-3 days.

Editorial Reviews
Sue is the name of the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex fossil ever found, and in I See Sue ... the T. rex, children can attempt to win glimpses of this amazing dinosaur roaming the cliffs and valleys of her natural habitat.

Designed for children 4 to 7 years, I See Sue offers extremely light, entertainment-laced servings of dinosaur information. Older, more computer-savvy players may tire of the game easily; however, it is an excellent starter for users who are new to video games or who want a game they can play entirely without parental assistance. Simple and repetitive, the game features two interdependent challenges. Racing against the computer or a second player, players attempt to assemble a trio of tiles that will form a complete picture of a dinosaur. Each successfully compiled dinosaur allows the players to move ahead on the second part of the game: taking their creature across one of four game boards, trying to reach the course before their opponents. A few scientific facts about the assembled dinosaurs are offered, couched in easy-to-remember rhymes. Players who win the race are rewarded with an animation of the famous Sue as she prowls the ancient world, as well as a chance to print a picture of their favorite dinosaur.

I See Sue is not without its drawbacks and glitches. The reward pictures do not interface well with some printers; in some cases, they entirely refuse to print. Children may also be disappointed that the board-game section of play is automated--instead of moving their dinosaurs themselves, they must be content to watch the computer do it for them. (There is a tactical advantage, however, in choosing the most appropriate dinosaur for the various portions of the board game's prehistoric terrain.) The tile game remains identical through all four levels of play, presenting few opportunities to apply their hard-earned strategic skills to new problems.

I See Sue is a great jumping-off point for young children interested in dinosaurcentric software, and a user-friendly and charming way to ease kids into using educational software. While this CD-ROM is not likely to engage players for terribly long, visiting Sue's world briefly does offer plenty of scope for learning and, more importantly, for fun. (Ages 4-7) --Alyx Dellamonica

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