Level sweet spot bonus hazard etc sfx
MI CASA sandbox Trampoline window rattle (house/dishes)
thump (sandbox)
sproing (trampoline)
shatter (window)
hollow (chimney)
FOOTHILLS outcropping stump (raccoon) hole at  base of stump thump (grassy cup)
empty (stump- short)
SCHOOLYARD rebound zone net trashcan b-oink! (bball backboard)
b-oink! (dribble bit)
woosh (nothin' but net)
THIN AIR "ski jump" cave ladder icicles shatter (icicle)
DEAD SEA lower ledge upper cave lower cave free ball hollow (cave -long)
EASTER ISLE Altar mound mouth (fire) nose (knock over) belch (of fire from idol)
klunk (huge stone idol falls on grass)
YUMMY DOGS grassy patch hot dog tub fountain more park  less street tinkle (fountain)
splash (ball in fountain)
fwop (wet hotdog)
Playground right below Nero
Nero catches Nero gets hit thump (catcher mitt)
half pipe highest hole pipe drainhole springboard flush
hollow (pipe -long)
junk yard bucket seat 63 red Lincoln McGoniff prize ball
thump  (couch)
ship board coil of rope treasure chest ventilator hatch prize balls, replay slosh (ocean waves)
splash (ball overboard)
slide (trunk on deck)
more sound effects Game Fungo Dogs
Jackpot (bonus points)
Win Level
Win Game
Lose Level
windup (got it!)
toss (easy, medium, hard)
  Excited Barking
  Dubious Howling
  Embarrassed Whining
  Proud Baying
  Happy Panting
  Terrier yap