Rear wheel drive
bald tires

Rain beading up on greasy blacktop

Cheap radio playing heart-throb music

Girlfriend back in Pocatello,
another girl in Mountain Home

Trunk full of goods
They belong to someone else

Crossing the white line
Crossing the redline
Roostertail sparks along the guardrail

Sounds like gunshots

Beer bottles roll around the floorboards
Four empties - two full

Rear view mirror flashing
Blue Blue Blue

Yellow school bus 
full of church kids
just pulled out
from nowhere

Genre Music-Driven Automotive Adventure
Technology Multipath Pan and Scan Video, 3D graphic overlay
Play Mode Single Player Quest || Head-to-Head chase
Platform XBOX   ||   PC   ||   DVD Limited Version

WET ASPHALT  - a very realistic driving simulator with lots of excess baggage.