In a thousand years, it's Camelot all over again:
Walled cities, armor-clad heroes, evil barons and pale damsels.
Bright pennants fluttering atop turrets.
Chummy adventurers seated around a Round Table.
 Same as it always was

The big swords rule the planets.
Sure, laser lances and plasma darts and cold fusion clobber-bars are in the arsenal of every good Knight (not to mention the bad Knights).
But the classics never go out of style. Like hand-forged steel.
There is still nothing like a good two-fisted broadsword for detaching the head of your opponent, whether that head is magnesium or steel belted radium or twisted-crystal silicon .

That's right. No flesh and blood.
We sweaty humans are out of the picture.
Just robots.
Heroic Bots devoted to the Code of Chivalry.
They are sworn to fealty and doomed to unrequited love.

In their little mechanical brains no greater ideal exists than to slay a dragon or smite a blackguard or rescue a maiden or to stand for a round of ale for one's fellow Bots at the local tavern once all the smiting has been taken care of


You are warlord of these Robot Knights.
You have a small squad of loyal automatons and huge ambition!
You start on some godforsaken asteroid
- trying to survive on 2.7░K cosmic radiation-
and you set off to win a galaxy:
castle by castle, star by star, competitor by competitor.

It's a mediŠval conquer-the-galaxy game;
with miniature robot knights.
Thousands of players can join -with just consumer-grade Internet connectivity.

Four distinct play elements are integrated:

  • character development
  • live battles for castles
  • strategic interstellar campaigns
  • real-people politics.

Both cooperation and competition are demanded - and usually intermixed.

 Complex, longterm rivalry in an atmosphere of sophisticated humor.