I looked at your site. Looks sharp & a great snappy attitude. With better games - and viral features - it will be even better.
Here is our story.


- Dov -

A quick history of Big Fun:

In '93, I came to Atlanta to build a New Media studio for Ted Turner. We created a great team and great titles and got terrific reviews. But within four years our division disappeared in a merger.  I acquired the team, the technology and some of the titles from Turner. We renamed our studio Big Fun.

The game business is feast and famine.  We have had fifteen full-timers under our roof at times. Sometimes way fewer. Lately we tend toward a production house mentality - hire talent when you need it, pay well and get the best. Our core group is here in Atlanta, but we work constantly with talent in New York and Hollywood... and with hidden geniuses in places like Manitoba and New Zealand.

This group has delivered fourteen major titles. Every one been completed within budget and usually exceeding the specs. Only one was late (in 1996, at Turner,  a $1.2M dinosaur game slipped five weeks.)



Major direct billable Clients in last 18 months:

Simon and Schuster Interactive

AT&T Labs / AT&T Consumer Marketing Smithsonian Museum / Turner Classic Movies ASPCA
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
      Yahoo Site of the Day
      Macromedia Site of the Day
Addison Wesley Professional 


How we work with you


*We also like to come and visit!


Similar Projects in the past

Most of our projects are large scale games, but we have also done:

What we might do
I am bubbling over with fun ideas that we'd like to pitch to you. Some are projects that have been cooking in the studio for a while, waiting for the right home. Other ones are cool things that have sprung up since your phone call -- like:



Pity the Fool
who forgets my number!
It is a Mr T Mnemonic Device!

Punch in your phone number - it spits out a word mnemonic
My number is 448-3644 - and Mr T will offer me HIT-DOGG.
He's stylish and fast and has a bitchin' dictionary!

But here's the big fun:

Punch in some other long distance access code and Mr T gets really upset:
    "That don't spell shit, Fool!"
   "What? That spells KISS-MY-ASS"

"When Mr T gets mad, Mr T stays mad!"
He won't chill until you punch in 1 800 COLLECT

Super Viral:
Kids will send it to each other to show off
the secret  "Kiss-My-Ass" Easter Egg!



Give me a shout, tell me what you think!

Dov 770 300 0308