is a minor component of I SEE SUE.  When your dinosaur lands on a Bonus Step, you get to spin the Bonus Wheel. You win prizes: like extra steps, or  a fresh dinosaur or you send your opponent back to the beginning, etc.

Click on the wheel to spin it.. 
Notice that you can spin it faster. But once it begins to slow down, you can no longer touch it. (This is to prevent cheating)




is central to I SEE SUE gameplay. To play  I SEE SUE, you race dinosaurs across the game levels. Different dinosaurs have different abilities. Some are  fast. Some wade easily through mud, some scamper across logs. Some swim, and some even fly. So each is useful at different points of the game. And any dinosaur is better than letting your opponent move forward. So you need dinosaurs! You win each one by assembling three tiles - in a contest against your opponent  (either a real life opponent or Jesse's brain-dump algorithms.)        Remember: Good players use defense as well as offense.



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